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About Our Online Store

We’re not inspiring the fashion enthusiasts but empowering the modern day girl to embrace the contemporary designs.
We are an empowering, brave and progressive online fashion brand, sparked by real life outlines. We illustrate and create products that enlighten you, our followers, our friends, and global attractions. The brand is built on ethereal fashion craziness, ramp walk, celebrity galore, social media frenzy, and bloggers sneak peak. Aim to formulate an online fashion end that embraces and glorifies everything it signifies to be a modern day girl in a digitally fascinated orb.

Hatching diverse fashion vogues each time whereas our peculiar threads are nailing every single day. Let’s applaud the treasure, we’re not just a fashion brand, we’re fashion enthusiasts. Our artistic pieces are exclusive and designed by our very own in-house team who aims to formulate slayer spells for the idealists, dreamers, and nightfall fanatics.The style gambles no one else dares to take.

Primarily, we consider shopping is a power, not a spree. We strive to contribute the prominent trends at the most affordable prices, on a wider range. We’re here to STAY
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